Ross Sea
Emperior penguins
Photo Expedition Ross Sea
We are excited to announce our new photo expedition to Ross Sea and the Subantarctic Islands in January 2023! This is one of the most exotic places for a photographer to travel and a rare opportunity, as we venture in to what is known as “The Heart of Antarctica”. On our way down we will also visit some of the most remote islands in the world, which hosts a variety of unique wildlife found nowhere else in the world. Our itinerary makes it possible to see as many as 8 different species of Penguin, including the Emperor penguins, and a total of 10-11 different Albatross species. As on any expedition nothing is guarenteed but with 1/3 of the world breeding population of Emperors found in the Ross sea our chances have never been better!
WildPhoto Travel has has a group of 27 photographers on the refurbished expedition ship Heritage Adventurer. Ole J Liodden and Frede Lamo will be your hosts for this 4 weeks (26 nights on the ship) long expedition, making sure that our landings and other activities are optimised for photography.
Our journey takes us from New Zealand via the ‘stepping stones’ of the rugged and wild Subantarctic Islands, including Macquarie, Snares, Auckland and Campbell Island, breaking our long journey and introducing us to the islands’ rich biodiversity paving the way to our Antarctic experience. There will be opportunities for thrilling wildlife encounters from nesting albatross and rowdy penguin rookeries to lazing seals and sea lions. Cetaceans might includ Fin, Minke, Blue and Humpback Whales; Orca also can be seen in this region. In addition to penguins and albatrossses we might encounter Snow Petrels, Antarctic Petrels, Giant Petrels, Wilson’s Storm Petrel, Cape Petrels and Antarctic Fulmar, whilst Crabeater, Weddell and Leopard Seals may be resting along the ice edge. With long daylight hours and magnificent landscapes the photographic opportunities are endless in this land of snow and ice.
The Ross Sea was recently protected as the worlds largest marine reserve covering an area of 598.000 square miles. Ross Sea is sometimes called the “Last Ocean” because it is largely untouched by humans. Its nutrient-rich waters are the most productive in the Antarctic, leading to huge plankton and krill blooms that support vast numbers of fish, seals, penguins, and whales. As one of very few people you can join us in January 2023 to visit the least altered marine ecosystem on Earth.
As always we will schedule longer stops than usual when going ashore or in zodiacs in order to provide participants with enough time to get excellent pictures. Our main focus is photography and we will do our outmost to make sure you get unique images from one of the most special place on this earth!

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