Svalbard Ice Lover
Arctic wildlife and landscape in ice
Explore Svalbard in early summer
Our Svalbard Ice Lover photo expedition has been a great success and WildPhoto Travel have made these June and early July expeditions a classic. Here we will give you the chance to photograph the Arctic wilderness and its wildlife, while snow and ice is still covering the archipelago. Later in the season the drifting ice will shrink and eventually disappear. If you love ice like we do, you should join us on one of these early season Svalbard photo expeditions! As always we will schedule longer stops than normal cruises on our Svalbard photo expedition in order to provide participants with enough time to get excellent pictures. We use two zodiac boats for exploring and searching for photo opportunities. This is the Svalbard photo expedition for photographers who want to travel in small groups and work with wildlife in white landscapes.
We hope to observe and photograph wildlife such as polar bears, Walrus, seals, and reindeer, in addition to numerous birds who are preparing for their breeding season in the Arctic. The group size is limited to 12 participants giving us plenty of space and time to explore and photograph the magical Arctic landscape and wildlife.
Itinerary Svalbard Ice Lover
Svalbard is situated at about 80 degrees North, and we schedule our Svalbard photo expedition in accordance with prevailing weather and ice conditions. Our captain is an expert navigator in Arctic conditions. He is an important advisor in planning the expedition in a manner that allows us to maximise the photo opportunities and enjoyment of this trip. Also included will be some excursions going ashore at Walrus haul-outs, bird cliffs and places that are teeming with life during this time of year. An itinerary for a 9 day (8 nights) expedition might be as described below.
DAY 1 - Departure from Longyearbyen through Isfjorden.
DAY 2-3 - Heading toward the ice, searching for Polar bears, Walrus and seals. Depending on the ice conditions this will be north of Spitsbergen or in the Hinlopen Strait.
DAY 4-5 - Sailing south in Hinlopen, with bird cliffs and possibility of viewing Polar bears and Walrus on the drifting ice.
DAY 6 - Northwestern corner of Spitsbergen, with beautiful mountains and glaciers, and possibility some wildlife on the ice.
DAY 7 - Kongsfjorden with striking landscapes, birds and seals.
DAY 8 - Prins Karls Forland with Walrus and Isfjorden. Back to Longyearbyen late in the evening.
DAY 9 - Disembarking the ship (after breakfast) and prepare the travel home.
Svalbard Ice Lover
Trip reports Svalbard Ice Lover
Click on one of the images below to read trip reports from the WildPhoto expedition to Svalbard in May and June. See where we have been, what we have photographed and some behind-the-scenes images.
Svalbard Ice Lover
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