Svalbard Winter
Amazing Arctic winter landscape
Explore Svalbard in winter
WildPhoto Travel started winter expeditions to Svalbard in 2016. From that year we have arranged more than 30 ship-based photo expeditions in March and April to the western and northwestern parts of Spitsbergen, Svalbard. If you are looking for a different photo adventure, this is the expedition for you.
The main focus of our Svalbard Winter expeditions will be Arctic winter light and landscape. In March and April, the light conditions on Svalbard are magical, and we are really looking forward to visiting the western and northern parts of Spitsbergen at this time of the year. Usually, winter trips to Svalbard are limited to snowmobiles quite close to Longyearbyen. With our expedition ship MS Virgo, we can explore a much larger area, where very few photographers have been before. Are you ready to join the Wildphoto team on a special expedition?
In addition to the Arctic winter landscape, we hope to photograph wildlife such as Polar bears, Walrus, seals, and reindeer, but animals are not as easy to locate in winter as they are in summertime. This is mostly because there is more ice to hide on in winter. The group size is limited to 12 photographers giving us plenty of space and time to explore and photograph the magical Arctic winter.
Itinerary Svalbard Winter
Svalbard is located at about 80 degrees north, so we plan the Svalbard winter expedition in accordance with prevailing weather and ice conditions. A possible itinerary for a Svalbard winter expeditions could be:
DAY 1 Departure from Longyearbyen through Isfjorden.
DAY 2-4 Northwestern coast of Spitsbergen, with possible visits to Kongsfjorden, Magdalenefjorden, Smeerenburgfjorden, Raudfjorden, Liefdefjorden and other areas. Here we have possibilities to have great landscapes with glaciers and sharp mountain ridges.
DAY 5-7 Southwestern coast of Spitsbergen with Belsund and Hornsund, where there are great snow-covered mountains. The weather and ice conditions has to be in our favour to get into both the northwestern and southwestern areas of Spitsbergen in winter.
DAY 8 Returning to Isfjorden arriving in Longyearbyen port late in the evening.
DAY 9 Disembarking the ship after breakfast and prepare for the travel home.
Svalbard winter
Trip reports Svalbard Winter
Click on the image below to read the trip report from the WildPhoto expedition to Svalbard 14-22 March 2022. See where we have been, what we have photographed, and some behind-the-scenes images.
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