WildPhoto Vision
With passion for polar expeditions
Our Vision and Values
WildPhoto Travel is a family-owned company founded by photographers and environmentalists. As the only Svalbard-based small-ship expedition company we are committed to the standards of local responsible tourism, where we secure the local value of all money paid to our company.
We aim to be the leading international photo expedition company to polar regions by focusing on increased awareness of the wildlife and environment we visit, passion for the beauty of Mother Nature seen through the lens of a camera, and the value of traveling in a small group for low-impact to wildlife and nature, and more space and attention for you as a photographer.
WildPhoto Travel bases our photo expedition operations around three main values:
We are an expedition company! Without a fixed itinerary, we plan each expedition independently regarding weather, wind, sea ice, and the possibility of observing and photographing interesting wildlife and landscapes. Every expedition is different, and we are explorers.
We want to inspire you as a photographer to enjoy your photography in polar regions and also learn more about the animals and environment we are visiting. We want to educate and motivate our guests to be ambassadors for the polar regions and share their stories and pictures with their friends and networks.
With experience and knowledge, we will always try to approach and leave animals in a non-stressful and respectful way, caring for their well-being and daily life. We believe the best way of protecting endangered wildlife and their fragile environment is to raise more awareness about the threats to their survival, but also possible solutions for better protection. It’s also important to prove those alive animals have a higher value than dead (trophy) animals, through the local money from eco-tourism we provide from our operations. Last, but not least we are deeply involved in ground-breaking conservation projects like Polar bears & Humans, Wild Wonders of China, New big 5, and Photographers against Wildlife Crimes.
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WildPhoto Travel is a leading photo expedition company - specialized in polar regions. Since 2006, we have offered great photo opportunities for our guests and partners.