MV Polar Pioneer
Strong expedition ship with high ice class
Our expedition ship for Greenland, South Georgia and Antarctica
MV Polar Pioneer
MV Polar Pioneer has been reborn and was reintroduced to Polar waters during Svalbard’s 2022 season with resounding success. She is now sailing under Cyprus flag and with Scandinavian (Swedish and Norwegian) owners. With the new upgrades MV Polar Pioneer has received in the last two years, she is now in a better condition than ever and ready for new adventures.
MV Polar Pioneer was built in Finland in 1982, and the ship was originally an ice-strengthened research vessel with ice class 1A Super, which is perfect for navigation in Polar regions with heavy sea ice. MV Polar Pioneer is one of 10 Akademik Shuleykin-class Russian ships built in the mid-1980s in Finland for the Soviet Union’s oceanographic research purposes. Around half of these vessels ended up as chartered Polar expeditions ships. Today, only two are still in operation, with MV Polar Pioneer being the only one in in regular charter operations in the Atlantic, Arctic and Antarctic Peninsula.
WildPhoto Travel has chartered MV Polar Pioneer five times since 2014 to South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula, and it is our favourite ship in this region. We are happy to have MV Polar Pioneer return, and to utilise her for our upcoming photo expeditions.
Cabins on MV Polar Pioneer
MV Polar Pioneer have 27 cabins for 53 guests, together with 5 guides and 19 crew members. She is built as an expedition vessel and will give you the right feeling of being on a true expedition, not a cruise. Find the deck plan and images below for more information.
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Expeditions with MV Polar Pioneer
WildPhoto Travel are using MV Polar Pioneer on polar expeditions to Greenland, South Georgia and Antarctica. Below you can read more on upcoming expeditions on MV Polar Pioneer.

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