Falkland Islands
Bird photographers paradise
Falkland Islands in early summer
We invite you to join us on a special 8 days (7 nights) photo trip to the Falkland Islands in October and November 2023. The Falkland islands are some of the best places on earth to photograph penguins like Rockhopper penguins and Magellanic penguins, but there will also be great opportunities to photograph endemic birds, albatrosses and some marine mammals. We will be on private land, and you can get pretty close to the wildlife and also move more freely around to get the right background or position. It will only be 7 photographers and 1 photo guide in each group.
The accommodation on Saunders Island is basic, but we will stay close to the wildlife which we can photograph to our liking. On Sea Lion Island the accommodation is more comfortable, with the possibility of single room occupancy if available.
Once arriving back to Port Stanley we will check in at Malvina House for our last evening. The next morning we will photograph birds at sunrise in Gypsy Cove and in the afternoon we will be transferred to our expedition ship MV Polar Pioneer (if you have booked this expedition) or back to the Mount Pleasant airport.
Itinerary Falkland Islands
Based on previous Falklands Islands photo tours in October/November we plan to use the travel route as illustrated on the map. We will organize two groups for the same dates with the itinerary below. Group 1 will start with 3 nights at Saunders Island, while group 2 will start at Sea Lion Island. Around lunch time on day 4 the two groups will swap locations. Both groups will be together in the evening on day 7 and the morning on the 8th day.
DAY 1 - Fly to Saunder Island – Overnight in the settlement
DAY 2 - Saunder Island – Transfer to the Neck – accommodation in a cabin with 2 rooms with 4 beds. One room for females and one room for makes.
DAY 3 - Saunder Island – The Neck
DAY 4 - Flight from Saunder Island to Sea Lion Island, accommodation in twin room (extra for single)
DAY 5-6 - Sea Lion Island
DAY 7 - Flight from Sea Lion Island to Port Stanley. Evening penguins at Kidney Cove. Overnight at Malvina hotel in Port Stanley
Day 8 - Early sunrise at Gypsy Cove. Transfer to MV Polar Pioneer (South Georgia expedition) or airport.
Falkland Islands
Trip reports Falkland Islands
WildPhoto has organized several photo expeditions to the Falkland Islands and you can read our first trip report below.
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