Terms rental


The equipment on hire shall remain the absolute property of WildPhoto Travel and the Hirer has no right, title or interest in the equipment, except that it is hired to the Customer for an agreed period. The Customer accepts responsibility for the safekeeping of the equipment whilst in their possession. The equipment must be returned by the Customer in the condition in which it was received and in good working order.

All equipment is checked prior to delivery. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to check upon receipt of the equipment that it is in good working order and in an undamaged condition. WildPhoto Travel will not be responsible for any defects or deficiencies in the equipment unless notification has been made prior to the Customers use of the equipment.

It is a condition of hire that the Hirer declares the purpose of hiring the equipment and where it will be used. This is to prevent unacceptable risks being taken with WildPhoto Travels’ equipment. WildPhoto Travel reserves the right to decline a request to hire if we are not satisfied with the declared purpose of the hire.

The equipment cannot be taken outside Svalbard, which is a tax-free area. All equipment must remain on the archipelago or, during boat expeditions, close to the islands.

The Hirer shall take adequate and proper measures to protect the equipment from theft, damage and other risks. The Hirer shall not permit the equipment to be used for any abnormal or hazardous assignments without the prior written consent of WildPhoto Travel.

Delivery and Collection

All delivery and collection will take place in WildPhoto Travel & Gallery, Longyearbyen. WildPhoto Travel will not ship equipment outside Longyearbyen.

WildPhoto Travel shall have all the required equipment available for the rental period. If any equipment should be unavailable for repair etc. the Hirer will get information about this as soon as possible. WildPhoto Travel will try to reschedule or offer similar equipment, or refund the rental payments. This refund is limited to the rental price paid by the Hirer.

All equipment has to be returned to WildPhoto Travel immediately following the end of the Hire Period. If the Hirer has failed to either contact WildPhoto Travel and explain the circumstances, or negotiate an extension to the agreed Hire Period, WildPhoto Travel will charge for the lost income if another Hirer doesn’t get the equipment in time.

Rental period

All rentals are prepaid in full days, where «one day» is between 15:00 the first day to 12:00 the following day. If the Hirer needs the equipment before 15:00, the Hire Period should be extended one day in advance.

Most equipment is hired for several days (normally 8-10 days), and WildPhoto Travel reserve the right to decline a short rental period and refund the payment even if the dates are available in the calendar. The Hirer will be notified about this decline, after WildPhoto Travel has evaluated the rental period.

Loss or Damage to Equipment

The Hirer shall be responsible for the safe keeping of the equipment throughout the hire period and shall be liable to WildPhoto Travel for loss of or damage to the equipment howsoever cause. The mandatory WildPhoto Risk insurance reduces this loss or damage costs by 50%.

The Hirer shall not remove any labels from and/or interfere with the equipment or make any permanent modifications to it. The Hirer will only use the equipment in a safe and correct manner in accordance with the operating instructions. The Hirer will notify WildPhoto Travel of any loss or damage to any equipment on hire as soon as reasonably practical, and where theft has occurred the police should be informed.

The Hirer shall not carry out or attempt to carry out any repairs to damaged equipment without the prior written permission of WildPhoto Travel.

The Hirer shall pay to WildPhoto Travel 50% of the cost of repair or replacing any damaged or lost equipment, with similar equipment. The replacement cost is stated on the website and on the rental contract for all rental equipment. Where equipment is returned with missing components, the Hirer shall ensure that said components are returned to WildPhoto Travel immediately.

WildPhoto Travel assumes no responsibility for damage to memory cards or liability of any kind resulting from the use of the equipment. All digital camera CCD chips are inspected and, where necessary, cleaned before dispatch of equipment. WildPhoto Travel assumes no responsibility for dust attracted to the chip after delivery.

WildPhoto Risk insurance

For single event hires, with equipment values of less than USD $10,000, WildPhoto Travel does not require the Hirer to have insurance in place. However, the Hirer will be required to sign a rental contract and also provide a copy of the passport.

A WildPhoto Risk Insurance is mandatory on most rentals. This insurance is covering 50% of the replacement cost, 50% of the repair cost (except water damage) and 100% of lost rental income (due to repair or loss). Please note that with WildPhoto Risk Insurance the Hirer has to pay 50% of replacement cost or 50% of the repair cost. If the equipment is damaged by water the Hirer has to pay 100% of the replacement or repair costs.

Payment & Cancellation

WildPhoto Travel will only deliver rental equipment after full payment is received from the Hirer.

In respect of any order cancelled by the Hirer within 30 days before the hire date, the Hirer shall receive a refund from WildPhoto Travel equal to 50% of the agreed hire charge. If the Hirer cancels the order after 30 days prior to the hire date there will be no refund.