HEAT 3 – Merino Liners


Mernio liners provide perfect fit, wearing comfort and freedom of movement. Thumb, index and middle finger can be used on all touch screens. All our liners have an extra pocket for The Heat Company Handwarmers. Merino Liner is warmer than Tactility Liner and due to stretch fit even more comfortable to wear. Meant to be used with a SHELL-SMART to complete your HEAT3 Layer System glove. Add a Polar Hood for extreme weather conditions.

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Black carbon textile inserts for touch screen input. No need to get cold when using your phone.
Extra pocket for handwarmer. Your special heat booth!
Connect your Shell with the Liner using the D-ring.


Nylon guarantuees stability and durability.


Merino wool is shorn from merino sheep. This special breed originated in Spain, but nowadays it is more likely to be found in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America. The wool is shorn from the sheep by hand once a year in spring. Merino is the finest and softest sheep’s wool of them all, and despite being relatively light it is fabulously warm. The individual fibres are heavily crimped, lightweight and highly elastic.


Elasthan makes this liner very stretchable and provides perfect fit for everyone.


Thumb, index and middle finger can be used on all touch screens due to black carbon inserts on the fingertips. No need to take off your gloves!