Expedition dry bag 80 ltr


WildPhoto approved large (approx. 80 ltr.) dry bag. Your best insurance for your camera equipment on expeditions!

The bag comes with a WildPhoto Travel logo.

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A good dry bag is a must for every photographer going to Svalbard or Antarctica on photo expeditions. This WildPhoto approved bag is a sturdy and fully waterproof bag for expedition landings and other wet and harsh conditions where you will otherwise have trouble to keep your gear dry. The bag is designed as an envelope pack for any camerabag and will keep it out of spray and flooding Zodiacs on landings, and also during cruising. It accommodates a waterproof roll-up closure, two big padded grips and a simple padded carrying system that will be useful when getting your gear to and from the boat and also to move it around on the beach. Our WildPhoto guide team strongly recommend this bag – it will be your best camera insurance!