Devold Thermo wool jacket


Stay warm with this jacket in 100% wool, even in extreme conditions

Size:  Small, Medium,Large, X-Large, XX-Large (men size)
Color: Black

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Devold® Thermo is a comfortable wool jacket with superior insulating abilities. This is a garment for those who enjoy outdoor activities in all kinds of weather. The jacket has gussets for maximum mobility, and extended sleeves with thumb loops. The chest pocket has a cord zipper opening. Devold® Thermo jacket consists of 100 % pure, new wool. Devold® Thermo Jacket is suitable as an insulating mid-layer, but can also be excellent outerwear on cold and dry days.
It is a perfect alternative to fleece jackets in a natural environmentally friendly material, wool.
Devold is a Norwegian brand, which also means shorter transportation.

Material: 100% pure, new wool- 470 gr/m2
Fiber: Fine Crossbred 27/ 31 micron
Colour: Black
Price in our gallery in Longyearbyen: 1350 NOK

About Devold:
For more than 160 years, Devold has developed wool products with unbeatable comfort, quality and protection.
Devold’s success occurred around the same time as the first major polar-expeditions in the late 1800s. When the polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen skied across Greenland in 1888, he did it with “Ullundertøi, Islandstrøier and Vadmelsjakker”. Nansen, and others from the Fram expedition, could thank sturdy woolen clothes for surviving three dramatic years on the drifting ice in the Arctic Ocean.
In 1911, on the other side of the globe, polar explorer Roald Amundsen made sure Norwegian wool came in first to the South Pole. And, in 1925 the Norwegian adventurer flew over the North Pole in the airship “Norge 1” together with the American polar explorer Lincoln Ellsworth, conveniently dressed of course. When Ellsworth completed the first flight ever over the icy southern regions in 1933, he thanked Devold for the warm woolen clothes.

Modern expeditions:
Since the 1960s, thousands of Norwegian and foreign expeditions have used Devold. Wool has protected everything from sweaty foreheads to frozen toes, both in the North Pole and in the South Pole. In 1988, Stein P. Aasheim led the Greenland expedition where he would copy Nansen’s equipment. It was natural for Aasheim to choose Devold as a supplier of socks, underwear and jerseys. Arne Næss Senior was wearing Devold in 1964 during the Himalayan expeditions. In 1994, Liv Arnesen walked over the South Pole by herself. In order to keep warm in extreme climate, she, the first woman to undertake this journey, used Aquaduct wool underwear (now called Expedition) from Devold.

After over 160 years of research and development within wool products, Devold can offer the best comfort, quality and protection available.
WildPhoto is proud to offer our clients the best expedition clothing available on the market. This is the clothing we recommend for our photo expeditions to Svalbard and Antarctica.