Silver Bank

The feeling of snorkelling beside an enormous whale is almost indescribable. When you get eye contact with one, your heart will beat faster than you imagined and euphoria will spread through your body. There are few places in the world where you can experience this unique encounter with one of the ocean’s most incredible giants.

The Puerto Plata International Airport is only 30 minutes from Ocean World Marina where the boat awaits us. When we arrive to the Aggressor, we will set sail from the harbour in Puerto Plata and cruise towards the famous Silver Bank, a trip that takes approximately 8 hours. After a good meal, we crawl into bed and charge our batteries for the adventures that await us the next morning.  At sunrise we will have arrived to our destination and with a bit of luck we will be able to see humpbacks breaching the waters in the distance, landing with a great splash.

The clear blue, warm water is perfect for snorkelling. The calves come up to the surface to breath every 3-5 minutes.  As they are curious and often swim right up to us, it is crucial that you know where the gigantic mother is as she could show up at any time.

Silver Bank
Approximately 700 km from the shores of the Dominican Republic’s northern coast lies the Silver Bank. The reef was first protected in 1986 and the size of the reserve was increased in 1996. Scientists believe that humpbacks come here to birth their young as the water is warm and shallow, and as there are no fish, predators are not drawn to the area. It is the perfect nursery before the mother and calf begin their journey north.

The operator that we use is one of three that have permission to snorkel with the humpbacks at Silver Bank. The rules are strict regarding how we interact with the whales and everyone is required to respect them. Scuba diving is not allowed as it disturbs the whales natural behaviour. We must remember that it is us that is visiting their world, on the their conditions. Only 60 persons per week, totalling 500 persons per year, get the opportunity to have this fantastic experience. You can be one of the lucky ones.

Day by Day


We arrive in Puerto Plata and check into the hotel for 1-2 nights, as this allows for extra time should your baggage, or yourself, not arrive on the planned arrival day. The cost for the hotels nights will be added to the trip price at the time that the flight booking is made.

Free day in Puerto Plata.

Check out from the hotel and depart with a group transfer to the liveaboard. Upon arrival to the boat, you will check in and have a thorough safety briefing, as well as receive other interesting information about your week to come.  With everyone safely onboard, the boat will depart from harbour.

Free diving days! We spend the next six day focusing on the whales. Magnus Lundgren will hold inspiring and informative presentations during a few of the evenings.

Time to check out from the live aboard and transfer back to the hotel in Puerto Plata to sleep for one night. This night is required should there be any unforeseen delays with the boat. The cost for this hotel will be added to the trip price at the time that the flight booking is made. The day after you will depart for the airport for your return trip home.

Please note!
Please note that the itinerary is only a preliminary plan.  Activities can change, or may need to be exchanged, in the case of adverse weather conditions or other unexpected incidents. Your expedition leader is there to make sure that you get the most out for your holiday.


Date: 03.02-10.09 2018
Location: Silver Bank, Dominican Republic, Caribbean
Price: SEK 35.800
Partner: Exposure Expedition
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SILVER BANK Dominican Republic
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