This photo tour is a wildlife safari in South America, where we are aiming to see the special animals of the Pantanal wetlands. the main subject is certainly the Jaguar! Several days will be invested especially for them! Besides the Jaguar we expect to see incredible amounts of stunningly beautiful birds. The blue Hyacinth macaw is one of the specialities we wil try to get up close. We might also spot toucans, rheas and many more. Close to the river we will discover spoonbills and numerous other waterfowl, but also interesting mammals like Capybaras, Armadillos the Giant anteater, and not to mention the Giant tapir are on the list.

Highlights: Dreamlike dry forest landscapes with many small lakes and rivers, offering birds, mammals, reptiles, great insects. Many and various rare species of birds, including macaws are expected to be viewed up close. We also encounter monkeys and various small mammals like Capybaras and Coatis. There is also the possibility of seeing the Giant tapir and the Great anteaters. The highlight above all is our boat trips focusing on the powerful Jaguar!


Day 1 Arrival
Arrival in Sao Paulo and onward flight to Cuiaba, drive into the Pantanal to the first Lodge photographing around the lodge, various animals.

Day 2-5 Birds paradise
We are staying in a lodge with different animals around. And it is a bird paradise! But we will also see mammals and lizards! The variety and proximity to the animals there will inspire you! We might see Caymans, many different birds, Giant tapir, Great anteater and so on.

Day 6-8 Wildlife cruise
We will go exploring by boat through the canals near the lodge. This is our best opportunity for wildlife up close!

Day 9-12 Jaguars!
We will go out in very good boats and with the best local guides to look for Jaguars! We also expect to see the Giant otters, Caymans and many other animals along the riverbed and in the water! We will be running daily extensive boat tours in the morning and afternoon. This might be the best place to stay in the Pantanal if you want to photograph Jaguars!

Day 13 – Transfer 
Transfer back to Cuiaba.

Day 14 – Departure
Return flight to Sao Paulo and flight to the mainland


Price includes: Accommodation, transportation and meals from the tour start in Cuiaba. All activities including boat rides and tuition by professional photography host Dionys Moser. Drinks are NOT included.

Accommodation: Overnight stays in very good lodges and hotels.

Food: The meals are very good and varied! It is possible that a lunch is sometimes a packed lunch.

Leader: Dionys Moser from Fotoreisen


Date: 09.07-23.07 2019 and 17.08-31.08 2019
Location: Pantanal, Brazil
Group Size: 6-12
Price: From 6 450 $ per person, single supplement 680 $
Partner: Fotoreisen
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