Azores Diving

Shark Diving
Four full days are planned for this exciting adventure. Way out in the ocean, over a deep outer bank, we will bait in the sharks in the Azores best shark site. We want to make sure that we have the best chances to spend a lot of time with the blue sharks in their natural environment. It is quite possible that we will even bait in the Ferrari of sharks – the mako shark, also know as a mackerel shark.

Mobulas around Princess Alice
During the summer months when the water’s surface temperature warms up, the summer guests (mobulas and mantas) return to the Azores vast outer banks. The legendary sea bank is Princess Alice which stretches up from 1000 m depth to approximately 35 m from the oceans surface. Here you will experience schools of circling giant mantas and mobulas. For some reason they are very curious of divers and it is not unusual for them to play with the divers bubbles while divers hang on the line. Two days of the expedition will be out at Princess Alice, weather permitting.

Sperm Whales & Dolpins
The ocean is deep outside of Pico, reaching depths of more than 2 000 m. This is the perfect environment for the resident sperm whales that live year round outside of Pico. To see dolphins interacting in their natural environment is an incredible experience, but to swim amongst them is an unforgettable one. The chance is great to snorkel alongside one of the five species of dolphins that are around the Azores.

Atlantic diving
The plan is to dive the best places around the island of Pico and Faial for one day, visit the outer banks of Princess Alice for two days and then spend four days out in the blue at 3-5 meters depth with the blue sharks. We will wrap up the trip with a day spent among the sperm whales and dolphins, as well as have a free day with shore based activities.

Our program is a plan that may need to be modified depending on what the weather gods decided to give us. Our expedition leader will be there to make sure that you get the most out of your week in Europes own Galapagos.


Date: 02.09-12.09 2016
Location: Pico, Azores, Portugal
Group Size: Max 12
Price: SEK 26.995
Partner: Exposure Expedition
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