Svalbard 25.07-04.08 2020

Day 1 – 25.7.2020  We started our third Svalbard photo expedition for the season with the first international group of 12 photographers from UK, Norway, Italy, Denmark and Belgium. In the afternoon we sat our course north, and on our way out Isfjorden we experienced world-record high temperatures at this latitude of 21,7 degree Celsius.

Day 2 – 26.7.2020  Our first stop was in Raudfjorden at the northwestern corner of Spitsbergen. We photographed Arctic terns, Great skuas and other seabirds and landscape in this area.

Day 3 – 27.7.2020  We reached the drifting sea ice at approx. 81 degrees north and spent the full day in the drifting sea ice. Just before midnight we saw our first polar bear on this expedition on the drifting sea ice, which gave us some nice photo opportunities with the low midnight sun.

Day 4 – 28.7.2020  We continued to search for wildlife in the drifting ice and after lunch we saw another polar bear who came quite close to our expedition ship. The polar bear was also diving several times under an ice floe and came up againg with part of a baby seal flipper or a fish tail in its mounth. We have never observed this kind of behaviour before, so it was very special. Later that day we also saw in the distance a mother polar bear with a yearling cub walking determined toward south. During the night we travelled east toward Storøya.

Day 5 – 29.7.2020  We woke up to a windy day close to Storøya, and we saw groups of walrus and one sleeping polar bear during our zodiak excursion. The rest of the day we travelled south along the Austfonna glacier, but with dense fog it was not much to see, so we decided to go northwest back to the drifting sea ice.

Day 6 – 30.7.2020  The fog made it also difficult to see any wildlife up in the drifting sea ice, but several times the fog lifted slightly and we saw two resting polar bears from a distance, a few seal and Northern fulmars. With all the time spent in the sea ice didn’t have time for Hinlopen on this expedition, so we rather set course for the Monaco glacier.

Day 7 – 31.7.2020  The Monaco glacier is usually a very popular place for expedition ships in Svalbard, but with the Covid-situation we were alone. With partly fog and midnight sun we had amazing photo opportunities in front of the glacier, and the Ivory gulls and other seabirds were very easy to photograph. A magic night!

Day 8 – 1.8.2020  Our next stop was in Magdalenefjord were we had great photo opportunities of walrus and a curious Arctic fox. Again we had partly foggy conditions which gave us soft light.

Day 9 – 2.8.2020  The Kongsfjord area has many opportunities and this day was not an exception. We photographed playful Arctic fox puppies, Blue icebergs and calvings from the very active Kongsbreen. Another great evening and night on this expedition.

Day 10 – 3.8.2020  We spent the last full day on our photo expedition in the Isfjorden area. The fog made our zodiac excursion interesting even without a lot of wildlife to photograph. In the evening we steamed towards Longyearbyen for the night.

Our third Svalbard expedition of 2020 was also a great success and covid-free. We thank both guests and partners for trusting us in providing a safe expedition in these difficult times!

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