Svalbard 14.08-24.08 2020

Day 1 – 14.8.2020  We started our fifth Svalbard photo expedition of the season with another international group of 8 photographers from UK, Norway, Switzerland and Poland. In the afternoon we set our course north along the coast.

Day 2-3– 15.8-16.8.2020  We decided to go directly for the drifting sea ice in the North, and reached the edge late in the evening. The next day we searched for wildlife the whole day, but with fog and low visibility it was impossible to see or photograph anything.

Day 4 – 17.8.2020  We decided to change course more southeast, where the sea ice was about to disappear. When arriving at the broken sea ice we stopped for a while and a young polar bear swam to our ship and posed beautifully on an ice flow. Another bigger polar bear also arrived and it was amazing to observe and photograph these polar bears in great light condition. We also had more than 20 Pomarine skuas in the area, which gave us some flight photography options.

Day 5 – 18.8.2020  During the night we relocated the ship to Hinlopen and had a nice day photographing birds and walrus on glacier ice. In the late evening and night we had a memorable zodiac excursion in front of the Alkefjellet bird cliff.

Day 6 – 19.8.2020  We spent the whole day in Hinlope photographing a polar bear from a distance, walrus, ivory gulls and other seabirds.

Day 7 – 20.8.2020  We arrived Liefdefjorden in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day and evening photographing ivory gulls, arctic terns and seals in great evening light. The glacier in this area is amazing and we had another magic evening enjoying our photography.

Day 8 – 21.8.2020  The northwestern corner of Spitsbergen have some photographic opportunities and we spent time shooting glaciers, landscapes, walrus and birds. Also this evening gave us some golden light opportunities.

Day 9 – 22.8.2020  We spent most of the day in Kongsfjorden photographing Arctic fox, seals and seabirds. The glacier ice also gave us some great photo opportunities. Around midnight we visited a walrus colony backlit with golden midnight sun. Amazing!

Day 10 – 23.8.2020  We spent the last full day on this photo expedition in the Isfjorden area. After intense days of photography it was a more relaxed and very sunny day. In the evening we steamed towards Longyearbyen for the night.

Our fifth Svalbard expedition of 2020 was a great success and again covid-free. We thank both guests and partners for trusting us in providing a safe expedition in these difficult times!

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