Frede Lamo

Frede Lamo lives in Longyearbyen, and has a lot of experience from Svalbard. He has previously worked for the Governor of Svalbard (Sysselmannen) as a police officer, and he has been guiding for two of the biggest tour operators on Svalbard for several years. Frede joined the WildPhoto Travel team in 2013. He is now working for the University of Svalbard, and is responsible for all the safety training and safety courses that students and scientists need to attend before they start doing their field-work on Svalbard.

Frede is educated as a police officer, and has served the Norwegian police in more than 20 years. He moved to Svalbard to live in the Arctic, and to explore Svalbard. Frede is also a keen photographer and uses most of his time, summer and winter, to photograph wildlife all around Svalbard, by boat or with snowmobile.


Facebook: frede.lamo
Instagram: cerberus001