Audun Lie Dahl

Audun Lie Dahl is trained as a mechanic and electrician living on the island Smøla, on the northwestern coast of Norway. Audun started his photographic career in 2010 when he and his brother started the company, Smøla Naturopplevelser. Throughout the whole year he is guiding photographers by boat or taking them to special designed photohides.

Audun has spent his whole life close to nature on the island Smøla, which often is very exposed for bad weather and rough conditions. This might come in handy if the weather becomes bad on our expeditions.

The last few years Audun has travelled all over the world to destinations like Svalbard, Antartica, Africa and Asia. Cold environment is his favorite theme, and he can spend days in the cold waiting for the best shots.

Besides being a skilled boatdriver and guide, Audun is also a good photographer. In the previous years he has been awarded in both national and international photo awards, and some of the photos have been taken while guiding for WildPhoto Travel.

As a guide Audun will make sure you will have a safe and fun journey where he will do his very best to give you the best memories of life.


Facebook: audun.dahl
Instagram: audundahl