Lifting Covid-19 travel restrictions (update 10. July 2020)

Norway and Svalbard is in a process of lifting travel restrictions allowing more people to travel to Svalbard. There are a few criteria that countries like Norway and Denmark are using for deciding which countries will be safe to travel from. The main criteria is infected people / 100.000, which should be under 20 (average last 2 weeks), as illustrated in column #2 in the table. So far the timeline for lifting travel restrictions to Svalbard is:

1 June – Norwegian travelers are welcome to Svalbard.

15 June – Travelers from Denmark, Finland and Iceland are also welcome to Svalbard.

15 July – The Norwegian government has announced for which countries in Europe (Schengen area + UK) they will lift the travel restrictions from July 15th. The countries considered as “safe” are in green on the map to the right.

24 July – The Norwegian government will update the information in the table to the right, which means a country with worsen Covid-19 situation might get travel restrictions again or can be cleared. The situation will be reconsider every 14 days.

August – The Norwegian government have announced that they will have a plan for reopening “all other countries” by mid August. At the moment there is not more information available about which countries will be included, but other European countries have already mentioned that visitors from New Zealand and South-Korea will soon be welcome to Europe.


For more information about the table above, go HERE


We are taking the precautions regarding the Covid-19 situation, adviced by WHO and the Norwegian government. Our WildPhoto Travel virus plan and guidelines for how to avoid a Covid-19 outbreak onboard MS Origo was approved 26 June. This plan also includes a nurse or doctor on board MS Origo, looking after you as a guest, who also has the expertise and routines ready if we experience any Covid-19 symptoms onboard. First of all we want to avoid that somebody enters MS Origo infected with Covid-19. We welcome you to travel safe with WildPhoto Travel to Svalbard – which is a Covid-19 free area.


We understand there might be concerns regarding payments for an upcoming expedition to Svalbard. That’s why we are offering you our new service – Safe booking – on all new bookings on expedition dates in August and September 2020. Your payments will be deposited into a bank account which will be blocked until the expedition is finished. If travel restrictions block you from travel to Norway / Svalbard, we will refund all your payments (to WildPhoto) within 7 days without any questions. Please note that we are not operating as a travel insurance company, so if you get sick or have personal problems preventing you from traveling you have to contact your travel insurance company like normal.