Our winter expeditions to Svalbard March / April 2016 and 2017 were successful, and we are now offering new dates for 2018 and 2019 on our expedition ship MS Origo. If you are looking for a different and exciting photo expedition, this is the expedition for you. Don’t forget to read our trip reports from 2016 in the bottom of this page.

The main focus on this expedition will be Arctic winter light, landscape and wildlife. In March and April the light conditions on Svalbard is magical, and we are really looking forward to visit the western and northern areas of Spitsbergen at this time of the year. Usually winter trips to Svalbard are limited to snowmobiles quite close to Longyearbyen. With our expedition ship we will explore a much bigger area, which nobody has done before. Are you ready to join the Wildphoto team on a real expedition?

We expect to meet wildlife like Polar bears, walruses, seals and reindeer. Polar bears and Walrus are not as numerous as in summer time, mostly because there are more ice to hide on in winter, but we’ve had some great encounters on our winter expeditions in 2016 and 2017. The seabirds are getting back to their breeding grounds.

The group size is limited to 12 participants giving us plenty of space and time to explore and to photograph the magical Arctic winter.

18.03-26.03 2018  Sold out

03.04-11.04 2018  Sold out

11.04-19.04 2018  Sold out

18.03-26.03 2019  2 spots

11.04-19.04 2019  7 spots

This list is not always 100% updated, so please contact us at to confirm available spots.

Let us know if you want to be on a waitlist if some spots are available on fully booked trips or upcoming trips.


Svalbard is situated at about 80o N, so we schedule the expedition in accordance with prevailing weather and ice conditions. This is the first time ever anyone has organized a winter expedition in March and April with an expedition ship, so we are all excited to see what we can find and photograph at this time of the year.

Day 0 We always recommend to arrive Longyearbyen at least one day in advance.

Day 1  Departure from Longyearbyen through Isfjorden.

Day 2-4  Western coast of Spitsbergen, visiting Kongsfjorden, Lilliehööksfjorden, Magdalenefjorden, Prins Karls Forland and other areas where we will have great landscape, glaciers and good chances for wildlife as Polar bear, Walrus and seals.

Day 5-7  North-western coast of Spitsbergen with Smeerenburgfjorden, Raudfjorden and Liefdefjorden, with great landscape and good chances for wildlife on the ice. The weather and ice condition has to be in our favour to get into these areas in March and April. It is also an option to head south to Bellsund and Hornsund if the northwestern corner is not accessible.

Day 8 Sailing back to Isfjorden and arrive Longyearbyen late in the evening around 24:00.

Day 9 Leaving the ship after breakfast and prepare the travel home.


Svalbard Classic map

We will have some zodiac excursions and also go ashore near walrus colonies or other interesting places.


The M/S Origo is spacious and well suited for photography with 2 Twin cabins (#21 and #31) and 4 Single cabins with private WC / shower (#9, #10, #25, #26 and #30) and 4 Single cabins with shared WC / shower (#22, #23, #24 and #27). The beds are made ready and bed linen and towels are provided. Food service will be at a designated time, but we intend to be flexible. The chef has a varied and tasty menu.


Cabin-Origo-10 Single cabin, with shared WC/shower: USD $7995 BOOK NOW
Cabin-Origo-10 Single cabin, with privat WC/shower: USD $8695 BOOK NOW


Cabin-Origo-10 Twin cabin, with shared WC/shower: USD $7295 (1 spot MALE) BOOK NOW
Cabin-Origo-10 Single cabin, with shared WC/shower: USD $7995 BOOK NOW
Cabin-Origo-10 Single cabin, with shared WC/shower: USD $7995 BOOK NOW
Cabin-Origo-10 Single cabin, with shared WC/shower: USD $7995 BOOK NOW
Cabin-Origo-10 Single cabin, with privat WC/shower: USD $8695 BOOK NOW
Cabin-Origo-10 Single cabin, with privat WC/shower: USD $8695 BOOK NOW
Cabin-Origo-30 Single cabin, with privat WC/shower: USD $8695 BOOK NOW

Contact to be waitlisted

  • All nights onboard the M/S Origo
  • All meals onboard the vessel
  • Expedition leader, guide, guards and other personnel
  • Excursions with two Zodiacs
  • Rental of warm survival suite for use in the zodiac
  • Flights to / from Svalbard (Longyearbyen)
  • Overnight accommodation prior to and following the expedition
  • Alcohol and souvenirs purchased onboard the ship
  • Tips (recommended) for the vessel’s crew members
  • Travel insurance and cancellation insurance


You register to this expedition by submitting a deposit payment (USD $2000) and sending in a signed booking form to our EMAIL. On the backside (page #2) of the booking form you will find the terms and conditions which pertain to this expedition. You will also find more information about payments, insurance etc. on the booking form. Let us know if you have any questions.


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Accommodation in Longyearbyen

We strongly recommend you to arrive in Longyearbyen the day before the expedition starts. Sometimes the luggage is delayed and will be sent on a later flight.

Book your accommodation in Longyearbyen below to get good rates, and you can easily manage your bookings at the app or website. Our recommended hotels in Longyearbyen are:

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